ACA Explorers – Blog Begins!


Today may mark the first day of but our journey began in 2015 – when I first arrived in Jardín, Antioquia and started teaching English in the park to the kids.


Ever since, at least several times a week, I have brought out my whiteboard, and found kids to teach – always in the park near the church – whether in Jardín, Medellin, or Andes, Antioquia.

My cousin/hermanita Molly moved out here and is now helping me propel ACA to new heights.

The goal is to create an academic-focused children’s group, in the line of Boy Scouts and Campfire, and to train and inspire local Colombians to do the same.

Today we were interviewed by the local TV station and met with the mayor, who seems as enthusiastic about the project as we are.  Next Tuesday, we will be having a public forum, at 2 pm, in Casa de la Cultura, to discuss our goals and how we can get more community involvement.  If you are interested in volunteering with us and the kids, let us know!  Follow us at @ACAExplorers!


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