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5 Colombian Oddities

  1. They hang up water bottles tied up with string outside of their houses which is supposed to make dogs not pee by their houses….. never has anyone given me a reasonable explanation for why they do this.
  2. Only dance in partners….. not so much in Medellin but out here in the pueblos it’s definitely not customary to dance in a group like we do in USA. I’ve done it with my girlfriends here a couple times but usually when I ask people act like I’m so weird for even coming up with that idea.
  3. Eat everything with a SPOON!!! EVERYTHING. It’s like a Colombian desafio (challenge) to eat everything with a spoon even meat. I’m a vegetarian and I ask for a knife and they look at me like…. what could you possibly need this for?
  4. Say gonorrea aka gonorrhea…. it’s the grossest slang ever and I hate that it became a thing! “Ay gonorrea” it literally can mean anything/nothing. I’m not sure I know what it means but it’s like a swear and I hate it every time I hear it come out of someone’s mouth!!! 😉
  5. Say that the verb “to be” is one of the reasons english is so hard to learn… BRO, WE are the ones who have to totally relearn what it means “to be” because YOU GUYS have two different verbs for our ONE verb (ser & estar). Ser and estar are literally like week long lessons in years of spanish classes for us…. we have to distinguish permanent states of being from temporary ones and learn a bunch of rules for conjugation and implementation. If anything ser and estar both being “to be” should make it easier on them….. who knows?

These are just ones that popped into my head but I’ll keep coming up with more!! I love analyzing cultural differences and I love the little things I observe that crack me up!!!

Paz y Amor,


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