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ACA Explorers: Who are we?

ACA-Explorers (Academia Colombo Americana/American Colombian Academy) is a Colombian-based language acquisition program created by two Chicagoans with a passion for Spanish and teaching. Our goal is to introduce our methodology of language acquisition and retention to improve cross-cultural communication and understanding. ACA-Explorers goes above and beyond just learning how to speak a language. With our students we play games, sing, dance, exercise, and incorporate science, critical thinking, and cultural elements to increase overall comprehension, retention and general enjoyment! ACA has been providing Colombian children (more specifically those in Antioquia, the department Medellin is a part of) with free English classes for two years and now we are looking to expand and formalize our program to increase the quality of education and opportunities we can provide these great students. We have given classes in the public parks with just a white board (#havewhiteboardwilltravel) and simple supplies but recently rented a space that we are slowly putting together into a classroom/multipurpose room! The classroom setting will allow us to more effectively teach our students how to properly pronounce words in English and get them on a faster track to fluency.

Working with our students has taught us so much about how to teach, laugh at ourselves and really enjoy doing what we do. Thanks for taking the time to come to our page and we welcome you to join us on this journey of realizing our dreams!

Amor y Paz,

The ACA team


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