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The Beauty of Antioquia

So far in Colombia, I only know the region Antioquia (in which Medellin is found). We have had the pleasure of doing what we lovejhere, in one of the most beautiful places on earth (inside and out). First of all, the landscapes we are blessed with everyday are breathtaking. I’m writing this from a beautiful colonial plaza in Jardin, Antioquia where I can see a ornately decorated church, a big park featuring a fountain in the middle, and countless businesses including cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, ice cream shops, banks and other services.

As found in many traditional South American towns, this park is the center of town activities. Cultural events like traditional dances, concerts and artisan exhibitions are frequent here. We have been teaching here in Jardin and in a bordering town (pueblo), Andes. Colombia has the second most holidays of all countries (behind India and tied with the Philippines) so to say living here is fun is an understatement!!! For us gringos, it seems that every other week there is a Lunes Festivo (Monday holiday) meaning many businesses are closed, school is out and people are partying. Wednesdays are off days as well for many workers so we have to plan around these days off for buying things or looking for services. This has been hard to adjust to since as Americans we are used to 24-hour superstores and a different kind of work ethic ? SORRY COLOMBIANS YOU’RE JUST TOO FUN FOR US!!!! Speaking of Colombians being fun…. they really are! One of the things we have most enjoyed about living here is the disposition of the people here. Of course there are exceptions but people here tend to be happy, family-oriented, welcoming and spend a lot of time outside. Instead of feeling like outsiders, we are constantly invited to join in their traditions, eat their food and be part of their families. There’s this feeling of internal warmth I get every time I land in Medellin. This place is truly special and we encourage you to come get a taste of it.

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