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P and B Minimal Pair Exercise

This week, we want to introduce the P and B minimal pair exercise as we did with T and D last week. We will go over the T and D characeristics- both sounds are formed by touching the alveolar ridge with the tongue, both are plosive/stop sounds but the T is voiceless (but blows air) and the D is voiced (vibrates the throat).

Now we can break down P and B as well-

P and B are both bilabial sounds (we make these sounds using both of our lips)

P and B (like T and D) are plosive/stop sounds. This means that they stop the passage of air.

Where P and B differ is that P is voiceless (like T). It blows air and does not vibrate the throat.  B is voiced meaning it does vibrate the throat and does not blow air.

P Practice Words-












B Practice Words-












Challenge Words-









Sentences with p and b sounds-

1. The big puppy barks.

2. The boy was happy.

3. Ride your bicycle to the top.

4. Bob should stop at the library.

5. We ate purple blueberry pie.


We will structure this lesson similar to the T and D lesson. I also want to give them a worksheet with the diagram of the mouth and which sounds come from which part/ if they are voiced or not.

We will start the lesson writing “Place, Manner, Voiced?” on the board.

Place for P and B- bilabial

Manner for P and B- plosive

Voiced?- P- No, B- Yes

We then will write the above words on the board and have them repeat them after us. When teaching T and D we semi rushed through the challenge words and sentences because we had to get to playing Bingo but ideally we practice those challenge words and sentences more!

Bingo was a great way to practice the words! We might save that for a Friday treat but we will do various exercises with the minimal pairs like when we put numbers next to each word and have one person say a series of five words while the rest of us write down the numbers we think correspond to the words.

Other things we want to focus on this week are:

1. Flashcards- helping the Explorers understand what a “personal connection” really is and giving them examples of words we (the teachers) are learning in spanish and our personal connections to them.

2. Getting adult/adolescent involvement from the community. Keep developing ways to get adults/adolescents involved. Have forums for them to come to and go to high schools recruiting adolescents.

3. Christopher wants to do a science experiment on Wednesday. Having the Explorers make squeakers- little noise machines to teach them about sound waves.

4. Start thinking of ways to incorporate the themes of Honesty and Judgment from the Philosopher sub-level (that Michael is already halfway to!!!!)

There’s so much to do but I’m also so proud of what we have done so far! I’m very excited for this week for Luis Ángel and Sophie to be official Explorers (as they received their passports on Friday!). The science lesson should be really fun and I’m excited for this week to start!

Tomorrow is another Lunes Festivo…. I’m a party-loving girl but it’s exhausting living in the country with the second most national holidays! The party never stops…. *I say writing this blog post in bed as music of various genres blares from outside*


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