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Truchera MonteMar- Tourist Spots in Jardin

Truchera MonteMar is a great tourist attraction in Jardin. Trucheras are trout farms that are very popular in the area. Jardin is specifically famous for its trucheras. This spot is just a short walk from the park in Jardin. It is on La Salada by another Truchera. Any moto-raton drivers will know where the truchera is. I got to see what the truchera is all about today!

There are many separate pools like these for the different size of fish. This is the first one where the fishes are little, just a few inches.There are 5+ different pools of trout of different sizes. The biggest ones that are then served fried are bigger than your forearm. Most of the trout are black but there are also “albino” ones that are yellow. These trucheras are very specific to the area and trout is a typical food of Antioquia.

Along with showing visitors how the fish are kept and grow, there is of course a restaurant that specializes in trout! As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m a vegetarian but here is a picture of the trout plate my friend ordered complete with papas (fries) and arepa. The trout was also served with a white cream sauce with dill as well as hogao, a typical Colombian salsa made of tomatoes, onions and herbs.

The environment is super relaxing with a great view. It’s a great place to go to when you want  to get out of town a bit and close enough to easily walk to! People come here just to eat or grab a beer and others come to see the whole process with the trout. The family is very nice and helpful and will tell you anything you want to know about their truchera and other cool places to visit in Jardin!

Visit Truchera MonteMar in Jardin if you love trout, want to see what a trout farm in Antioquia is like or just to hang out and enjoy a beautiful view!


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