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Welcoming Sophie and Luis Angel to ACA Explorers!

This first week of the year went great for the Explorers! I had some personal issues going on and was only able to attend one of five classes 🙁 so while it was a rough week for me, the Explorers learned a lot, had their first written quiz, made Leitner system boxes and two Explorers were added to the group!!! Christopher gave the kids a work sheet with the words: Earth, sky, up, dot, star, moon, white, and _____. The kids learned these words with a story and made flashcards for the boxes. On Wednesdays we are going to have class in the Exploratorium (a room in our house) with just the Explorers and the other days we will still be out in the park giving class to whoever comes! Our classes have been inundated by tourists these months! It’s really great because it gives us more exposure.

Luis Angel is one of Christopher’s long time students but in the past couple months he wasn’t as consistent in class attendance until recently! The Explorers really motivated the other kids to start trying harder. Luis Angel has been coming consistently, participating more and working towards this achievement! It’s great to see him progressing and we are so excited to have him in our program! Today we presented him and Sophie with their Passports and their Scholar Pokemon cards. They were so excited and you could really tell the effect that the reward system has on them! They both had to answer the question of how they plan to show the values of the Scholar (Love of Learning and Curiosity) in their daily lives. They both kind of froze up but we helped them through it and we were able to guide them through it.

Teacher and Luis Angel learning.

They were just SO excited to receive their Passports! Sophie’s mom was by the class and thanked us for the opportunity. Sophie’s 2018 goal is to learn English…. no pressure!

The way the Explorers program is developing is so great and rewarding for us. The kids are more animated and eager than ever, the community is becoming more and more aware and tourists are always stopping by with interest for what we do and wishes for success in our ventures! Stay tuned for next week with ACA Explorers!

Sophie and Luis Angel receiving their Passports!

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