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30% of Colombians live below the poverty line.
Only 7.7% have any higher education.
6% of university students have an intermediate (B1) level of English.
Yet > 80% of employers rated English as an extremely important skill.

Colombia has an English problem, ACA has a solution, and fixing it has the opportunity to change lives.

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"The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.' "
Dr. Maria Montessori

Six years ago, when I first moved to Colombia, I started what I consider my life's mission.
Now, having built the program in one town, it is time to expand and bring the ACA Explorers to everyone in Colombia.

Continuing to improve the Virtual Platform means that the ACA Method and the ACA Explorers program will continue to be worked on, even if I didn't exist...

But we can't build the Virtual Platform without your help.

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The ACA Method:

The Right Tools

The Right Tools consist of balanced instruction of The Four Strands, while strengthening the knowledge and practice of The Four Tricks.


ACA Explorers Values
ACA Explorers Promise

The ACA Explorers program focuses on whole-character education by promoting values-based instruction. Students are tasked to learn about and embody the ACA Explorers values as they progress.


The ACA Method:

in The Right Environment

The Right Environment is why the ACA Method is taught on the go: in parks, in schools and homes, and soon online. By having a space for physical association, task-based education, and peer-to-peer learning, ACA Explorers makes learning a lifestyle.


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